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Hiking Pack XL

Hiking Pack XL Turquoise

US$ 155.45

Pack Rando XL Turquoise

Hiking Pack XL


France delivery 1 to 2 days. Europe and World 2 to 4 days.

The ultimate pack for hiking and picnic fans

Comes with :

1 CubiCool®

+ 1 ApéroTrek® Backpach  bring your CubiCool® everywhere and keep your hands free
+ 1 extra ApéroBiB® drink pouch (in addition to the one already supplied with the CubiCool®)
+ 1 extra ice pack (in addition to the one already supplied with the CubiCool®. Increase the coolness or extend the efficiency)
+ 8 foldable silicone cups (unbreakable and reusable. Forget the disposable and boring ones !)

ApéroTrek® Backpack :

Folable silicone cups :

Others XL Hiking Packs plain colours :


Hiking Packs printed designs :



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Pack Rando XL Turquoise

Hiking Pack XL


France delivery 1 to 2 days. Europe and World 2 to 4 days.

Product Description

1 CubiCool® but 2 ways to use it :

The convenient and versatile CubiCool® can be used with a wide variety of different beverages !

  • Buy your favourite 3 or 5 litre bag-in-box wine and keep it cool for hours, no ice cubes required !
  • Or fill the Apérobib® pouch with your favourite beverage : mojito, punch, sangria, lemonade, iced tea and more! A large resealable opening at the top of the pouch allows you to easily prepare a fruit-filled cocktail or a refreshing flavored water. Use your washable and reusable Apérobib® with your CubiCool® to serve refreshing beverages at all your outdoor activities and events !
    (A set of 3 Apérobib® pouches can be purchased here).

CubiCool® is an innovative, no-fuss beverage dispenser !
Here’s why we love it :

The easy-to-transport CubiCool® is a super-convenient way to serve drinks at your outdoor events. There are no cords to plug in, no settings to program - simply place a chilled drink pouch next to the ice pack (supplied) in your CubiCool® to keep your beverage ice-cold for up to 5 hours.

CubiCool® is foldable and highly compact - About the size of a toiletry bag, the CubiCool® fits easily into your backpack or shoulder bag when folded. At home or on vacation, your CubiCool® is an easy and innovative way to serve cool, refreshing beverages.

Thanks to its highly-effective insulating materials and high grade ice pack, The CubiCool® will keep your drink cool for hours - no more warm wine, no more melted ice cubes, and no endless trips to the refrigerator !

CubiCool® is very convenient - A metal stand elevates the CubiCool®, allowing your guests to simply place their glasses underneath the spout and pour their drinks with one hand (for an even more convenient serving option, consider purchasing the CubiCool360, a rotating tray that allows you to turn the CubiCool® towards you to pour your drink. Available HERE)

The aesthetically-pleasing design of the CubiCool® adds a touch of color and originality to your table, making it a perfect centerpiece !

CubiCool® is innovative - It includes built-in cup holders on each side, which can hold up to 6 wine glasses (wine glasses are not included). Elastic straps keep your wine glasses extra-safe during transport. To save space, simply fold the cup holders when they’re not in use !


The CubiCool® also includes a card-holder that allows you to label your drink.


Your CubiCool® comes with : 1 metal stand, 1 ice pack, 1 x 5L ApéroBiB® drink pouch, 1 carrying case


Apérotrek® Backpack

Your CubiCool® is perfectly maintained in position and safely fixed. The drink tap remains accessible even on your back. So, your friends can easily take a drink and keep on walking.

The metal stand is stored in the front pocket. It can also be fixed directly under the Apérotrek® Backpack.

Comfort is optimized : 
The whole back is foamed, shoulder straps are adjustable with comfort pads, 
An adjustable buckle + strap helps to keep shoudler pads close to each other . 

The Apérotrek® Backpack folds in on itself (inside front pocket)
Apérotrek® Backpack folded size : 25 cm x 30 cm

Once folded :

Colour : black
Weight : 450 grams

Foldable Silicone cups ApéroCup®

2 Sets of 4 silicone cups (= 8 cups)
White body with 4 different coloured rigid rings (helps to recognize each one's cup)
Capacity 20 cl

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