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Delivery in Europe and all other countries in the world 2 to 4 days



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PACK RANDO Tie and Dye



France delivery 1 to 2 days. Europe and World 2 to 4 days.

This pack is perfect for your walks with your friends and family. 
Bring up to 5 liters of cool drinks with you wherever you want.

The perfect present for a hiking fan !


Hiking Packs with other printed designs

Available also with plain colours for the CubiCool®



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PACK RANDO Tie and Dye



France delivery 1 to 2 days. Europe and World 2 to 4 days.

Product Description

The CubiCool®

You can load any existing drink-in-box you'll buy in any shop (up to 5 Liters, vertical or horizontal shape). Do not remove the carton shell, it will help to keep a straight shape. Insert the Ice block inside the carton (between carton wall and soft drink pouch). Then, the cooling process is optimal.


You can use the ApéroBiB® 5 liters drink pouch (supplied in every CubiCool®) This drink pouch has an extra wide screw cap. Wide enough to allow fruit pieces to be introduced directly inside the drink pouch. You can make huge mojitos, sangrias or any other cocktail of your choice.


With the Ice block directly in contact with the ApéroBiB® drink pouch, your CubiCool® will keep your drink cool for, at least 5 hours.

Apérotrek® Backpack

Your CubiCool® is perfectly maintained in position and safely fixed. The drink tap remains accessible even on your back. So, your friends can easily take a drink and keep on walking.

The metal stand is stored in the front pocket. It can also be fixed directly under the Apérotrek® Backpack.

Comfort is optimized : 
The whole back is foamed, shoulder straps are adjustable with comfort pads, 
An adjustable buckle + strap helps to keep shoudler pads close to each other . 

The Apérotrek® Backpack folds in on itself (inside front pocket)
Apérotrek® Backpack folded size : 25 cm x 30 cm
Colour : black
Weight : 450 grams

Product Review

Additional Information

CompatibilityWorking for the 3L and 5L boxed wine and for the 5L Apérobib® refilable drink pouch
CapacityJusqu'à 5 litres
AperoBiB® washing instructionsWashable and reusable (Our advice : hot water + dishwashing liquid, A bottle brush will help a lot)
ApéroBiB lifetimeWashable and reusable - The lifetime will depend of the way you'll use it, the care you'll give and the cleaning frequency. Avoid contact with any sharp object or surface.. We recommend to replace the drink pouch after 5 or 6 uses